Helping individuals cultivate freedom consciousness through courses, talks and workshops
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Spark Creativ is a centre in Glastonbury, UK – which empowers individuals to explore what it means to be creative. Our courses are designed to put you in touch with the creativity that you are, rather than to enhance anything that you think you may already know, or even to teach you anything new.

Our teaching is a departure from linear learning, underpinned by a level of freedom consciousness.

Non-linear learning

So, what is non-linear learning?

Non-linear learning is one way we naturally learned since the beginning of man. Linear learning doesn’t exist in nature. Humanity didn’t learn to swim or hunt in a linear way – through a staggered, textbook process. We learned instead through direct experience, by dealing with things as they happened, through discovering what it was that was important in the moment. But most of all, we learned by creating relationships between things we already knew and the things we didn’t. This means we actively constructed the knowledge we needed.


Freedom Consciousness

Experience as it happens in the “here that I am” as awareness, an already always existence.



Our courses are residential and are designed for individuals. We offer one-to-one creativity coaching and counselling. We specialise in helping artists through creative blocks and we work with business professionals.



We hold meetings and talks for small groups to discuss all manner of things. There are 84 faiths here in Glastonbury to choose among, each of which holds something of the answer. Life itself is a creative process and mankind strives to find meaning. By sharing ideas and views we create new opportunities.



Various practitioners and teachers offer workshops using our space.


Contact Us

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  • By post: Spark Creativ, 5 Park Terrace, Glastonbury, UK – BA6 9EA
  • By phone: +44 (0)709 2126916

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